What are the various types of door locks?

What are the various types of door locks?

When you decide to install a new set of locks or replace the ones you have at home, you might find yourself at loggerheads trying to choose one. Not only are there thousands of options to choose from, depending on the security grade, but also hundreds when it comes to the manufacturers and brands.

Also, the locks vary in the level of ease to operate, the technology used to keep you safe, and, most importantly, the prices. Do you want a lock that has a more straightforward installation or a complicated lock? Are you looking for a sophisticated look or a simple but secure option? All these can be considerations to make when you set out to get a new lock for your home, office, or even car.

Push Bars

These are a unique security feature locks mostly found in commercial buildings. They involve a handle on the door, which opens the lock when some you apply some force. The downward movement of the bar raises the latch that locks the door in place, hence opening it. They are for emergency exits, where there is no time to locate the key in the stampede. With these and many more, now you can get a lock of your choice for your home.

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